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Faroe Islands Pony - © Maria Joensen - Faroe Islands - Transferred from da.wikipedia to Commons by Thomas81 using CommonsHelper., CC BY 3.0

Faroe Islands Pony - © Maria Joensen - Faroe Islands - Transferred from da.wikipedia to Commons by Thomas81 using CommonsHelper., CC BY 3.0 Licence

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Go horse riding on the Faroe Islands around the beautyful capital city of Tórshavn. Officially the Faroe Islands with it's capital city Tórshavn are a part of the kingdom of Denmark. But the Faroe Islands are an independent country with their own tasks of military, education, trade and legal affairs. As they are part of the danish Kingdom they are not part of the European Union. The Faroe Islands also have their own currency, which is the Faores króna, but this currency is connected to the danish króna by an exchange rate of 1:1. The Faroe Islands are located between Norway in the east, the United Kingdom in the south and Iceland in the west. They are inside the gulf stream. So the gulf of mexico stream keeps the temperature up all year long. The climate is typically atlantic. You have cool summers with average temperatures of 12 or 13 degrees Celsius during the period of June to September. But also in winter the temperatures go down only to 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. This is why the water in the harbours of the Faroe Islands is not freezing. The islands are windy, cloudy and cool throughout the year with an average of 210 rainy or snowy days per year.

There are about 50000 inhabitants on the Faroe Islands and the size of the Faroe Islands is about 1400 square kilometers or 540 square miles. The Faroe Islands have many beautyful natural attractions, which are also interesting for horseback riding people. But the most important thing for horse riding on the Faroe Islands and around the capital city Tórshavn is the special breed of the Faroese Pony. The Faroese Pony is is typically called Faroese horse by the Faroese people. Even the size of the pony, which is about 115 to 125 centimeters, so about 45 to 49 inches, is typical for a pony. But the breed of Faroese Pony is very strong, so that is why the people say horse insead of pony. The horses are well trained to go over the country, have a very long wintercoat which is also dense and water repellent. Because of their mild temperament, they are considered very suitable for children. The estimated number of horses of all breeds in the Faroes is around 400. The most popular breed in the Faroes is the Icelandic horse. So, saddle up and go horseback riding with the beautyful horses through a breathtaking scenery on the Faroe Islands. There are some offers for riding instruction too on the Faroe Islands, just contact one of the riding stables listed below.

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    Berg Hestar

    Oyggjavegur 59, Tórshavn (100)

    • 62.01250965577926
    • -6.805557131701789
    • Berg Hestar
    • 8975
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    Davidsen Hestar

    Miðvágur (370)

    • 62.09231492955949
    • -7.399223323445767
    • Davidsen Hestar
    • 8976

Opinions about riding in Faroe Islands

  • Olga, 18.08.2017 | Riding in Faroe Islands (Riding to the countryside)


    I was riding on this animal: Horse

    Riding stable: Davidsen Hestar

    • Cleanliness: Acceptable
    • Condition of the riding animals: Excellent
    • Quality of education: Dissatisfied
    • Condition of the facilities (indoor arena, outdoor areana): Dissatisfied
    • Fun Factor: Dissatisfied
    • Price / Performance Ratio: Acceptable
    • Countryside: Quite okay

    This stable, Davidsen Hestar, is not ready for the casual rider/tourist. There are no sign-posts to mark the concrete block as a stable and it took me and my sister over 40 minutes to find it in the rain. There are no facilities attached to the stable and our guide did not provide any instructions deciding that since we've been on a horse before, we were all set. My horse bolted for the enclosure where its herd-mates were held and would not obey commands; I somehow held on and was able to dismount when it reached the paddock. My sister was not so lucky and fell off her horse, which followed mine. The guide paid no attention to her and did not even acknowledge the fact that she fell or check to see if she was okay. He only disbelieved me when I said the horse did not listen to commands and told tell us that there were other people riding recently and they had no problem with the horses.

    We categorically refused to continue the ride as it felt unsafe. The stable is far from the the capital of Torshavn where we were staying and after a two hour wait for a bus (for which the guide did not know the schedule), we were picked up by other tourists.

    Would categorically not recommend to anyone who is not a seasoned rider and has rented a car for their stay.


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