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Regional Description: Riding in Cuba

Horseback riding in Cuba - © Roland Vidmar /

Horseback riding in Cuba - © Roland Vidmar /

Mostly offered for horseback riding people in Cuba is horse riding as a service of the hotel. So, if you are a horseback riding person and you want to go riding or on a trailride, you can mostly ask the service desk in your hotel. Many of these offers for horseback riding in Cuba are also connected to the larger hotels. They organise your whole trip from the hotel to the riding stable or horse farm and back to the hotel again.

There are also offers for horseback riders, which are not depending on a hotel. These are places where you can simply walk in and ask for a horseback riding tour by the next days. This is particularly interesting if you do not stay in one of the big hotels of international hotel chains. If horseback riders stay in an international hotel, we recommend to try out the offer of the hotel. Because this will be less confusing to organise for horseback riders in Cuba.

Horseback riding in Cuba offers a great remarkable memory for you. This is not only because Cuba has great horseriding tours along white, sandy beaches. It is also because Cuba is home to many remarkable, stunning and beautyful other locations. Seldom you will meet cars on the streets in Cuba, more often you will see gipsy-cars with horses on the street. If you want there are also some locations of horse riding farms, where you can visit and see the cuban Vaqueros, the cuban cowboys doing their work. Stunning moments for horseback riding in Cuba are best during the period from december to april. This is because it rains not so often in Cuba during these months.

Above see the list of regions within the region of Cuba. You will find more reliable information about horseback riding facilities, riding schools and horse farms in the regions within Cuba. The amount of riding schools and possibilities for horseback riding in the regions within Cuba is shown in brackets. So click on the region you want to go horseback riding or enjoy trail riding to see the riding stables and horse farms there.

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