United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi): Horseback Riding, Riding Stable, Riding Academy, Trailriding, Horse Riding Vacation

Regional Description: Riding in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates with it's capital city Abu Dhabi are a great place to go horseback riding. Not only because of the fact, that horse races are very popular there. The United Arab Emirates are member of the international equestrian association (FEI, Féderation Équestre International) since 1985 and they often have great sport events for horse fans. But of course you can also go for touristic horseback riding there. You can enjoy riding with a horse through the desert as well as horseback riding along the great sandy beaches of the country.

You will find many horseback riding stables and farms where you can rent a horse or just go for a horseback riding tour with a tour guide. The United Arab Emirates are a very rich country. The country has a size of about 84000 square kilometers and there are living 5400000 people in the United Arab Emirates. The country has a greatly developed touristic infrastructure, as it is very popular among tourists to go there. The best time for outdoor activities in the United Arab Emirates is between october and april, during the cooler period of the year. So horseback riding either through the desert or along the sandy beaches will not be very funny during summer time in july or august, because the temperatures are extremely high there.

The United Arab Emirates are devided into 7 emirates, which are listed here. So click on the emirate of your choice to see the offers of horseback riding stables there. When you go horseback riding in the United Arab Emirates, just have fun. Important to know is, the United Arab Emirates have the islamic justice as a foundation of the justice system, but there are no islamic rules for clothing. So, saddle up and have a great horseback riding experience in the United Arab Emirates.

Above see the list of regions within the region of United Arab Emirates. You will find more reliable information about horseback riding facilities, riding schools and horse farms in the regions within United Arab Emirates. The amount of riding schools and possibilities for horseback riding in the regions within United Arab Emirates is shown in brackets. So click on the region you want to go horseback riding or enjoy trail riding to see the riding stables and horse farms there.

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