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Regional Description: Riding in Thailand

Horseback riding along the beach at the sea - © / RV

Horseback riding along the beach at the sea - © / RV

Go riding in Thailand. Saddle up around Bangkok or on the major islands of Thailand which are Ko Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Thao. You will find possibilities to go horseback riding as well as elephant riding in Thailand. Especially horseback riding through the rain forest or along the beaches in Thailand is remarkable. Thailand has a good touristic infrastructure. You can go horse riding along the beach in Thailand in many locations where you are spending your holidays. If you prefer to take horse riding lessons in Thailand, you might better go to the riding schools or riding stables around the bigger cities or in Bangkok. If you want to go horse riding on the beach or trough the forest, you should go to a typical travel target in Thailand.

The most common known islands in Thailand are Ko Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Pha-ngan, Ko Tao, Ko Nang Yuan and Ko Thaen. You will find possibilities to go horse riding there, if you do not find a riding stable in our list, you should ask at the reception desk of your hotel where you stay for vacation. If you are in Thailand to go for horseback riding vacation or horse riding holiday, you should prepare this and contact one of the riding stables in our directory. On some locations there are possibilities to go horse riding and trekking even for more than a full day. Just see their pages in the region where you want to go for vacation and check the contact information. But there are some other good developed touristic regions in Thailand. For example you can also go horse riding in Phuket, Hua Hin and Pattaya and last but not least of course in the biggest city of Thailand which is Bangkok. For many horse riding people the rides along the beaches of Thailand make a dream come true. But also think about the riding tours in the northern area of Thailand where you can often explore the rain forest either riding horses or riding elephants.

Thailand is a huge country. It's size is about 513000 square kilometers which is round about 198000 square miles and there are about 68 million inhabitants in Thailand. Many of them live in the bigger cities like Bangkok. The currency in Thailand is called "Baht". Important for horse riding vacations and riding holidays in Thailand is of course also the climate of Thailand. The average temperatures are between 19 degrees Celsius in the north and 28 degrees Celsius in the south. Thailand has a tropical climate. The best months to go to Thailand and of course also for horse riding vacations and riding holidays are in winter. So most people come for holidays to Thailand between December and February. The climate is also influenced by monsoon winds. These monsoon winds have a seasonal character. The dryest months in Thailand are December, January and February.

If you do not find an entry on in the region where you want to go horse riding in Thailand, you should contact the hotel reception or the tourist information bureau to get more information. Some of the riding stables and riding schools do not have a web presence or an email account and you might not find them here. But many local tourist information offices can organise horse riding tours and even more day trekking tours with horses for you.

Above see the list of regions within the region of Thailand. You will find more reliable information about horseback riding facilities, riding schools and horse farms in the regions within Thailand. The amount of riding schools and possibilities for horseback riding in the regions within Thailand is shown in brackets. So click on the region you want to go horseback riding or enjoy trail riding to see the riding stables and horse farms there.

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