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Regional Description: Riding in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that is crossed by numerous mountains and lakes. The landscape can be divided into three areas that have achieved great Differences about among themselves. For riders and one of the best regions is still the law. There are also in Switzerland then the densely populated central plateau and the Alps. The Alps do together with the foothills of around 60% of the area, 30% are expected to plateau and 10% of the Jura. Riders and horses in Switzerland have excellent infrastructure. At many places there are adequate tourist facilities. These can be used to supply and also to stay.

In addition to the law but one must not underestimate the experience of trekking in the region of Engadin. Who will be in the country in which German, spoken in Italian, Romansh and French, traveling by horse, so it can experience different landscapes. Gentle hills in the Alps and the Jura mountains, rivers and large lakes such as Lake Geneva or Lake Zurich in the midland region and the high mountains in the Alps. As horses for riding and also in agricultural use as well as for carriage rides are the way alongside the Haflingers that are known in Austria and Germany, particularly the Freiberger a popular breed. More than half of the horses in Switzerland belonging to this breed. The draft horses are in the high plateau of the things at home in the Jura mountains, which is on the border of Switzerland.

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