Romania (Bucharest): Horseback Riding, Riding Stable, Riding Academy, Trailriding, Horse Riding Vacation

Regional Description: Riding in Romania

Ride on horseback through the beautiful hills of Romania. Enjoy the west and to the north of the country, the heavily forested area with your horse. Many Romanian provider of horseback riding and riding vacation at also provide multi-day tours by horseback. The Romanian tourism is a very gentle tourism in particular in terms of riding and horses. You will notice when riding that horse in Romania is not only popular with recreational sport, but is also often used in Romania is still as transport or in the work of farmers in the field. Horses have a great tradition in Romania, also owning a horse was in Romania for a long time as a status symbol, also own breeds are bred in the country on the Black Sea. The situation changes in Romania in the coming years and the horse becomes more and more a tourist magnet, can wander through the beautiful countryside of Romania to the tab. The holiday begins with the horse riders often simply one of the many riding schools or stables. Corresponding clubs, hotels and riding schools are offered in Romania. The tourist offer of the country completes this offer for those who want to prepare long distances on horseback. WIth the horse can be visited in Romania and one or the other National Park, this specially protected areas are also connected with magnificent natural wonders. A visit is certainly the National Park "Retezat" in the Southern Carpathians in the south-west of Romania worth. This is also the first national park in Romania. But the nature park "Bucegi" has numerous attractions to offer. In the south-east of Romania, the coast is to find the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. Also on the Black Sea to find opportunities for riding, for example, in the port city Managalia. This seaside resort, due to its tourist expression also about appropriate accommodations, hotels and pensions. The beach there has a width of about 200 meters in the middle. On the shore of the sea can also be ridden.

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