Norway (Oslo): Horseback Riding, Riding Stable, Riding Academy, Trailriding, Horse Riding Vacation

Regional Description: Riding in Norway

Norway is a mysterious country. The landscape is varied and the range of riders and horses is almost infinite. By horse riders to move to Norway by a savage landscape and find it a close proximity to nature. Knowledgeable guides lead riders and horses on organized tours through Norway. Of course you can learn in Norway also easy riding and take in an arena or on a riding lessons at a riding stable. Foreign tourists visiting Norway but probably less because of the riding lessons, as much more. Because of exciting tours on horseback in a special landscape In Norway, some breeds of horses are at home. Including the famous fjord horse, but the horse and the Nordland Dølepferd. The Iceland horse, by the way also in this region, because it is a descendant of the Fjord Horse in Norway. The scenery in Norway is for riders and horse riding on guided tours and excursions on horseback, especially in the area of ​​fjords along the Atlantic Ocean is a special experience. Riding in this region is an exciting experience. The barren landscape is also for trekking and trail riders always a challenge.

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