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Regional Description: Riding in New Zealand

New Zealand has a rugged wilderness. This can be best not to explore by car but with the horse and admire. With riding tours through the wilderness to the tops of hills can be achieved. But the different landscapes of the coasts around New Zealand are worth a ride.

Anyone traveling with the horse in New Zealand, get to know the varied landscape. Horses and riding have become a real industry in New Zealand. Especially the breeding of gentle and good riding horses are harvested in breeding worldwide recognition.

The country covers an area of ​​approximately 270,000 square kilometers and has only about 4,500,000 inhabitants. Besides the two large islands in the north and the south of New Zealand Islands to offer a variety. About 700 smaller islands belonging to New Zealand. The country is located in a temperate zone. Only the north has a more subtropical climate. When riding in New Zealand riders can enjoy the fresh air. So a nice relaxing ride is possible even in summer at temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

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