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Regional Description: Riding in Netherlands

Horseback riding along the beach at the sea - © / RV

Horseback riding along the beach at the sea - © / RV

Saddle up in the Netherlands! Get on the horse in one of our many horse riding stables, riding schools and horse farms in the country of Netherlands. You will find great opportunities to go horseback riding not only around the big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Maastricht or Eindhoven. The Netherlands are devided into some provinces. We have riding stables and horseback riding farms in our directory for you in every region of the Netherlands. The country itself has about 16 million inhabitants. They are spread over an area of about 41000 square kilometers which is about 16000 square miles. The Netherlands are a rich country with a very well developed infrastructure. This is important not only for horseback riding people, but also if you are just visiting the Netherlands.

The country has a long tradition in horseback riding sports and equestrian sports. The netherlands are famous for the great quality of riding instructions and of course also for the quality of their horse breeds like the Fresian horse. The quality of instructions and riding lessons in all disciplines like dressage, showjumping, voltige or western riding is really good. There is a national organisation called KNHS, which is the royal federation of equestrian sports in the netherlands. Another organisation, you will find their logo often on the websites of the riding stalbes of your choice, is the FNRS. This is a national branch organisation for horseback riding. Many horseback riding instructors in the Netherlands are approved by the FNRS. The abbreviation is for "Federatie van Nederlandse Ruitersportcentra" which means Federation of Netherlands Riding Sports Centers. And if you want, you can also make the "riding license" at the standard of the FNRS. The riding schools and horse farms in the Netherlands call this "Ruiterbewijs" and the other document is "Ruiterpaspoort".

But besides all that you will not only find great quality for horseback riding instructions with dressage lessons, showjumping lessons, equestrian vaulting lessons or just beginners lessons. You can go out with the horse in the Netherlands and there is a beautyful landscape. You can experience riding along the beach with your horse. And some of the riding stables even offer the possibility to go bathing with a horse in a lake or in the sea. So have a good ride in the Netherlands. Choose the region of your choice now to see the riding stables and riding farms in the Netherlands.

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