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Regional Description: Riding in Japan

Horseback riding in Japan - © Roland Vidmar / ride77.com

Horseback riding in Japan - © Roland Vidmar / ride77.com

There are serveral good places to do horseback riding in Japan. Even if you think Japan is a very urban region with about 125 million people, there is a great countryside with nature on all of the four main islands of Japan. Horseback riders can experience a wide variety of horse riding trails. Japan is a very big country reaching from the 45th degree to the 20th degree on the map. So Japan can be devided into six main climate regions. While there is not very much rain in the northern part of Hokkaidō, there are strong and long winter periods. In the region of the Japanese Sea there is much snow during the winter period. And it is a bit cooler during the summer period compared to the pacific Region.

In the central highlands there is low rain and you have lange differences between summer and winter temperatures. So it is better to go horseback riding in this area during spring and autumn. In the area of the Sento-Inland-Sea, there are many mountains in the regions of Chūgoku and Shikoku. These mountains keep wind away and lead to a mild climate during the whole year. You will experience cold winters and dry hot summers in the pacific region. In the southern part of Japan on the Nansei-Islands you will have subtropical climate with warm winters, hot summers and strong rain during the raining time. Of course every of these regions has a specific riding experience to offer.

Especially well known are horseback riding tours around the famous Mount Fuji, a vulcano in the area of Chūbu. Chūbu is a provice on the main island of Japan named Honshū. But do not hesitate to have a look on our riding stables in all the regions of Japan.

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