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Regional Description: Riding in France

The enjoyment is in the foreground. France offers an incredible variety of options for riders with horses. Riding in France, trekking and horse drawn carriage rides are therefore an experience. Often far from tourist areas you can explore on horseback the country. So riders get too far away from traffic and disturbing environment and can roam the land with horses. By the way, France is the area considered the largest country of the European Union, if not membership in Denmark from Greenland factored. Stylish countryside to picturesque castles to present the accommodation in France. Who the tour ride out a little flatter love, will want to be more in the north of France and Western with a horse on the road. Contrast, those who want to ride in the mountains, are more in the south and east of the country, find. The vast coastal regions on the Atlantic coast and in the south on the Mediterranean often offer the opportunity at the beach or in the sea water to give it a ride. Riding especially in Bordeaux on the west coast of France is a great experience for riders and horses. The East of France is much more contrast in character of castles, forests and hilly landscapes. This includes the Alsace, Burgundy region. Also adjacent to the Jura Switzerland and of course the Provence If you are traveling by horse in France and also want to have a picnic, consider simply the French guidelines for it. Because a "pique-nique" is the French original. There is a bottle of red wine and cheese on a checkered cloth in white and red to consume. Anyone who loves exotic in France can also go riding on horseback in the overseas departments. The overseas departments may offer a completely different tourist infrastructure and certainly less opportunities away from civilization and road riding, but its location makes it an experience where the riding.

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