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Regional Description: Riding in Finland

Horseback riding trough the snow in Finland - © RV /

Horseback riding trough the snow in Finland - © RV /

Finland has about 5 million people and an area of about 380000 square kilometers. So Finland is the least populated county in Europe. The country of Finland is also one of the last areas you could call a wilderness. There are many riding schools and riding stables - in the finnish language called "Ratsastuskoulu" or "Ratsutila". They offer a variety of possibilities to go horseback riding. You can also even take a sleigh or a bit more special in Finland a reindeer sleigh. During the whole year Finland is regularly cold. The climate of the country is strong. You have average temperatures in winter at about minus 10 degrees Celsius and in summer they raise up to +15 or +20 degrees Celsius.

But finnish horse riding people do not care so much about temperature. You can go horseback riding in the landscape of the beautiful country not only in summer but also in winter, spring and autumn. There are even riding schools and riding centres offering more day trail rides with the horses through the rough landscape of Finland. The coutryside is dominated by wood, lakes and rivers. Even in the north of Finland, in the part of Lapland, you can go horseback riding in winter.

Of course many of the riding schools offer also a great quality for horseback riding training. Equestrian jumping and dressage lessons are available on the most places. You will find your riding school in Finland here. So saddle up and enjoy the beautiful country of Finland from the horseback riders perspective. Many of the riding instructors in Finland offer their lessons not only in finnish language but also in english or russian language.

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