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Regional Description: Riding in Denmark

Horseback riding in Denmark to the beach - © Roland Vidmar /

Horseback riding in Denmark to the beach - © Roland Vidmar /

Certainly is the buzzword when riding in Denmark: Galloping and horseriding by the sea on sandy beaches. Especially popular with the riders is riding in Denmark on the west coast on the mainland. The west coast, which faces the North Sea, offers many places with wide, white sand beaches. In some cases one may ride there with the horse. This refers particularly the two regions Midjylland with capital Viborg and the Region Syddanmark with capital Vejle. Because of this high attractiveness often the riding stables and riding schools are located directly or only a few minutes from the sea on the mainland. Many of the stables are separated only by a few sand dunes or hills from the sea. On these places riding from the riding school to the beach an experience. After that, usually galloping through the soft sand on the beach. As the horses already know the routes well, such tours are also available for beginners. So for beginners in riding it's already possible, but a lot of good and responsible riding school operators are testing some basic skills of the riders before they entrust a horse to them. But also on the east side of the mainland and on the islands of Denmark offer numerous riding schools and equestrian centers in their achievements. In the heartland of Denmark and also in the central regions of the islands there are many green areas , meadows and forests. There are often marked riding trails available to ride across the land. Riders can explore the interior of Denmark with their horses. Nevertheless the on tourists focussed offers are mainly found on the beach or in close proximity to the sea. This is especially the case for the regions of Hovedstaden and Sjaelland and of course the area around Copenhagen.

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