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Regional Description: Riding in Costa Rica

Group riding on horses trough the rain forest - © / RV

Group riding on horses trough the rain forest - © / RV

Spanish is spoken in the Republic of Costa Rica - so it's main language is spanish. Costa Rica is also interesting for riding horses because of its beautiful landscape. There are many offers for riders and horses in Costa Rica. The possibilities for horseback riding are not only around the capital city of San José. If you want to enjoy the scenery with your horse in Costa Rica, you are in the right place here. The country Costa Rica is located in Central America near the equator. The state of Costa Rica has about 5 million inhabitants. Costa Rica's economy is also very much alive with tourism. Many guests visit Costa Rica every year. Many of these guests enjoy beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches on the west side of the country and the Caribbean Sea to the east. There you can also ride a horse. But you can also hike through beautiful forests in Costa Rica by horse.

The country Costa Rica has an area of ​​about 51000 square kilometers. That corresponds to approximately 19700 square miles. Of course exciting in Costa Rica are the landscapes directly on the seas. In the west, Costa Rica is equipped with a long coastline on the Pacific Ocean. In the east of the country are the beaches by the Caribbean Sea. In addition, the attractive areas in the country are also very popular for horseback riding and for tours with horses. For example, you can explore the volcanic mountain range »Cordilleras« by horse.

Costa Rica is in the tropical climate zone. In the north, there is a slightly different climate than in the south. The north of Costa Rica has a dry season from December to April and rain season from May to November. It rains more often in the south of Costa Rica. The dry season in the south of Costa Rica is around the end of January to April. The temperatures in Costa Rica are relatively constant throughout the year at around 25 degrees Celsius. Incidentally, English is often spoken in the west of the country. The state of Costa Rica is divided into 7 provinces. These are listed here and you can click on the provinces to see which offers are offered here for riding, for riding holidays in Costa Rica or for riding lessons in a riding school. Enjoy riding in Costa Rica in a unique tropical environment. Either you ride along the beach and be inspired by a pleasant sea breeze or you can cross tropical forests with your horse. But you can also take riding lessons in Costa Rica.  So have a good horseback riding experience in Costa Rica and around the capital city of San José.

Above see the list of regions within the region of Costa Rica. You will find more reliable information about horseback riding facilities, riding schools and horse farms in the regions within Costa Rica. The amount of riding schools and possibilities for horseback riding in the regions within Costa Rica is shown in brackets. So click on the region you want to go horseback riding or enjoy trail riding to see the riding stables and horse farms there.

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