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Regional Description: Riding in China

Horseback riding tour along the beach - © / RV

Horseback riding tour along the beach - © / RV

China has a long tradition in horseback riding. This goes back to history for thousands of years. This is also due to the fact, that China is one of the oldest civilisations on the planet. Around the bit cities like Beijing or Shanghai, there are growing horseback riding places. And of course due to the english tradition there are horseback riding stables also in the regions, which were part of the British Empire for years like Hongkong. Chinas people are more and more interested in equestrian sports. So you can not only go for a ride out to the countryside in China and explore great nature and marvellous places. You can also take lessons in dressage and showjumping on horses.

China has a size of about about 9.5 million square kilometers and there are living more than 1.3 billion people in the People's Republic of China. But many people in China live in the big cities, so if you go horseback riding on one of the tours offered for days, you will discover great nature and unspoilt countryside. The climate of China is hard to explain because the country is so huge. On the north-east part of China you have typical continental climate with strong and snowy winters. In Summer, during the months of july and august, the temperatures raise up to 30 degress Celsius. In central China you have high mountains like the Himalaya, where it of course can be very cold. There is also 9 % of the country wood, 21 % of the country are deserts and 24 % of the country are grassland. 

Due to the growing middle class in China horseback riding is becoming more and more popular in the country. This was not always like that, because the former leader of Chian, Mao Zedong banned horse races in 1949. But today there are many chinese riding stables offering lessons in dressage and showjumping. There are race courses and showjumping arenas growing around the country. Some of the riding centers and jockey clubs but of course also polo clubs, are really huge. They tend to have 100 or more horses in their stables. Right now many american and european companies are active in China building riding arenas and delivering horses to the country, because the chinese people really love horseback riding.

And if you already know horseback riding you should try to go for a ride to the countryside of China. Ask the local team there if you are unsure about the best season because of the climate. So saddle up!

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