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Regional Description: Riding in Chile

Horseback riding has a great tradition in Chile. Chile is a very beautiful country on the west coast of the continent of South America. You will find very different climate zones here, because the country is very long from the north to the south. Chile is dominated by the Andes, huge mountains which are grown because of the plates between the south pacific plate and the south american plate. So you will not really find many horse riding schools, where you can learn dressage or showjumping in Chile and around it's capital city Santiago de Chile. But what you will get here is a great experience for one or more day horseback rides in the Andes.

So see our offers in Chile and have a great horseback riding holiday. It really pays to enjoy horseback riding and horse riding vacations in Chile, even if you are in Santiago, just contact one of the horse riding stables in our directory to have a day trip with the horses. The riding style is mostly western riding. So saddle up in Chile and enjoy a great experience while horseback riding through the Andes or the great landscape Chile has to offer. The north of Chile has a typical climate like desserts. So you will have average temperature between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, while the nights are very cold. In the middle of Chile you have more like a mediterranean climate and in the south of Chile it is even colder. The best time to visit the south of Chile is in summer, so in december, january, february and march.

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