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Regional Description: Riding in Cameroon

Group riding on horses trough the rain forest - © / RV

Group riding on horses trough the rain forest - © / RV

The Republic of Cameroon is situated on the west side of the african continent quite close to the equator. So the temperatures in Cameroon of course are quite warm. Cameroon is an intersesting country to travel to and also to enjoy horseback riding. This is because you can say Cameroon unites all the climate zones and vegetational zones which the continent of Africa has it it's relatively small size. Cameroon has an area of 475442 square kilometers, which is about 183000 square miles. So it is a very interesting country also to go horse riding there. Cameroon has a good and growing economy and also a growing touristic infrastructure.

In the extreme north area of Cameroon there is a small part of the Chad-Lake reaching into Cameroon and in this area the climate is very hot, it is a warm dessert climate. The more you look to the south, the climate zones get cooler, but still you have average temperatures between 20 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius the whole year over. Themperatures decrease only in the areas of the high plateaus, which are around 1000 and 1500 meters above the sea level. On the more populated south west zones of Cameroon there is also much more rain, especially between july and october. If you want to go horseback riding in Cameroon, you will find riding schools and educational stables as well as offers for tourists to go on a trekking tour. If you want to attend a more days tour with horses you probably will see some of the climate zones in Cameroon, ride along the beach, through a rain forest or go horseback riding in the sandy dessert. Important is not to go on such a tour by yourself, always hire a local tour guide.

In the northern part of Cameroon around Maroua, so in the dessert zone, the temperatures are a bit cooler during the night with 17 degrees Celsius during the winter months. But be sure to go horse riding in the morning or late afternoon hours, because the temperature rises up to 40 degreees in this area around Maroua. On the other hand in the southern part of Cameroon, the temperatures are more tropical and so very constant between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius which is around 70 to 90 degrees Farenheit. In the capital city of Cameroon Yaoundé or in the south west around the atlantic ocean coast in Douala you will find horse riding areas and facilities.

If you want to learn horseback riding in Cameroon it is possible to. Most of the riding schools in Cameroon offer services in classic riding style. Western style is not very popular here. But in classic riding style, often called english or french horseback riding style, you will also get good education in dressage or showjumping.

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