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Regional Description: Riding in Belgium

Horse riding and horses have a great tradition in Belgium. The horse race "Belgian Warmblood" is widespread in the country , nearly 60 percent of all horses in Belgium belong to this horse race. The classic ridingtours perform mostly in the wooded regions in Belgium. Longer trails with horses are possible along well-marked riding trails. When horse and rider need a break, of course Belgium also provides for appropriate care in the communities with a good infrastructure . Riding with the horses through the green landscape in Belgium is always relaxing. As Belgium but has a typical continental climate, even appropriate equipment and clothing is recommended. In the riding schools in Belgium is partly spoken French or Flemish. But riding instructor in Belgium can often also teach English and German . Some riding schools also offer alternative programs such as Horse-Ball or Natural Horsemanship. Although the greater part of the riding schools located in the interior and can offer in Belgium on the relatively flat landscape nice rides , there are also several riding stables that offer horseback riding along the beach . Belgium is located on the western part of the North Sea. Also notable is the range of stables in the capital Brussels and around Brussels . Whether you are a beginner or as an advanced rider , whether as a recreational rider or horse owner , the deals are well developed and available.

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