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Regional Description: Riding in New York (NY)

The state of New York is well known for the biggest city, which is New York City. But the state is larger than the well known Big Apple. On the north and on the west side the state of New York has a border to Canada. So also the famous Nigara Falls are part of the state of New York and New York borders touch also the great lakes Erie and Ontario, which are connected by the Niagara river. There are two major state parks in New York, the biggest one is Adirondack Park. The park is the largest state park in the whole United States of America, it is about the size of the state of Vermont. The state parks have specified areas which are protected for the nature. These areas are called „Wilderness Areas“, there you are not allowed to use cars or bikes, you only can go horse riding, hiking, fishing and hunting there. The state of New York is relatively flat, Mount Marcy with a height of about 1600 meters is the highest point. The Appalachian Valley dominates the eastern part of New York. It contains the Lake Champlain Valley in the northern party and the Hudson Valley as the southern part. Of course horseback riding is also possible in the state of New York. But remember, you will have to go to the outer districts of New York City or to the countrysite. There are many stables for horse riding people, but you will not find them in New York City Downtown or Manhattan. It is a few years ago that the last horse riding stable in the area of the New York City Central Park was closed permanently. So if you want to have a ride or go on a trail with a horse, move out of New York City into other districts of the state New York. The best horse riding opportunities for tourists in New York City are in the counties of Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens County, West-Chester County an Rockland County. There are also stables in Brooklyn County, Kings County and even in the Bronx. But also the northern and western part of the state of New York offer great possibilities to go horseback riding or trail riding. You can find horse riding stables around Albany, Buffalo, Niagara Falls or Rochester.

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